Premium Ads


1. Who can use IsokoNow Premium Paid Ads?


Any individual or business who meets IsokoNow’s Listing policy and Terms of Use can opt for IsokoNow’s Premium Listings.


2.Why should you use IsokoNow Premium Ads?

Premium ads help you make your ad more visible, reach out to more consumers and sell your product or service faster.


3.How can one select their product or service to be a Premium Ad?


We are currently working on it but if you want your product or service to be Premium Ad, Kindly contact us and we will take care of it.


4.How many types of Premium Ads are there and what does a Premium Ad look like?

Currently there is only one type of Premium Ads.


5.How can I recognise a Premium Ad?

All Premium Ads are easily recognizable. Top of the page ad: As the name says, they appear right at the Top of each category’s ad results. They are further highlighted in Red for increased visibility.
You will see these symbols on the browse page, View ad page.


6.How do I pay for Premium Ads on IsokoNow?


Currently, we offer 3 modes of payment options for Premium ads:

        - You can pay by Mobile Money to this number +250 784 372 070

        - Or by bringing your cash/cheque to our office.

        - Or by making a bank transfer to our bank account number: 4002211389829 (Equity Bank)

You can choose either of these options to pay for your Premium ad. More details about these are part of the Post Ad process on IsokoNow.


7.How long does my Ad remain as a Premium Ad?


All ads on IsokoNow stay on site for 90 days as long as they meet the Listing Policy and Terms Of Use of the website. All Premium ads currently whether Top Of Page or Urgent stay as a Premium ad on the website for 30 days. And after the first 30 days they continue to be active on the site for another -30 days as a normal ad. ( Not in a premium position )


8.Do Premium Ads immediately get active once I have paid for it?

All Premium ads go live to site after 24 Hours of the ad being posted. However, in case you opt for a payment option by cheque, your Premium ad will get active on the website only after the cheque is encashed by IsokoNow.


9.Can I see or monitor my Premium Ads in My Profile?


Yes you can check your Premium ads as well as edit them when required from My Profile.


10.Can I post an Ad with a higher fee in a category with a lower fee?


No you cannot. That would be misleading and would not be very helpful as the ability for relevant consumers to see your ad in the right category would be lost. Thereby losing all the benefits of the Premium ad position. You may also be penalised by IsokoNow for doing so.


11.Can I edit my Premium Ad?


Yes, in the first 5 days after your Premium ad goes live on IsokoNow, you can edit your Premium ad through the Paid ads section in My Profile.


12.Can I continue to post free Ads on IsokoNow?


Yes, you can continue to post free ads on IsokoNow.


13.Can I renew my Premium Ad?


Yes, you can renew your Premium ad after 30 days.

14.Can I get a refund for my Premium Ad?


Listing Fees for your Premium ads are NOT refundable, except in the instance of deletion of the ad by IsokoNow at the time of review (within 24 hours of it being posted) due to the violation of Listing Policy/ Terms of Use or miscategorization of the ad. See Premium ads fees.

Hope the above information has been helpful in better understanding how IsokoNow’s Premium ads work. If you have any other question or need any help, please write to us at [email protected] and we will get back you soon.