Safety Tips

Tips to stay safe while buying on Isokonow

  • Meet the seller in a public place that you are familiar with
  • Don’t pay for anything before checking the quality of the product you are buying
  • Avoid sending money in advance or use any platform like Western Union, MoneyGram...
  • Beware of unrealistically low prices
  • Do not give personal information (bank details, credit/debit card number)


Tips to stay safe while selling on Isokonow

  • Always ask a phone number to the buyers who contact you by email and check that it is valid
  • Avoid anyone who wants to pay via money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram or any other unsafe wire transfer
  • Beware of buyers located abroad, IsokoNow is a 100% local website
  • Do not send your item to a buyer before he has fully paid for it


Tips to spot a fraudster

Pay extra attention when:


  • The name of the seller or the store is a foreign name
  • The phone number does not seem to be local
  • The description contains Skype details, prices in foreign currency ($ or € for example)
  • The price is too precise. Scammers tend to convert a dollar price to local currency which gives very detailed prices


Each ad is validated manually by our Content team to ensure that you sell & buy safely on Isokonow. If you feel like an ad is a scam, please contact us via the "Mark as Spam" button. If you feel that a buyer could be a scammer, please contact us immediately via the email address [email protected] or via the "Contact us" form.